Feast Noir

August 18, 2011

In my previous post I mentioned that Steven and I went to Feast Noir last Sunday with some friends, including Carol. This was such a cool experience and I am so glad that I can say we were a part of the United States first flashmob potluck/picnic!

What is Feast Noir? It is a pop-up group meal inspired by Diner en Blanc in Paris (video below).

For Feast Noir, Atlanta's own flashmob picnic, everyone was put into a group with other attendees in order to coordinate who would bring what to this seemingly impromptu picnic. Emails are exchanged back and forth to decide what group members would bring tables, chairs, or dinnerware and what homemade dish everyone would cook. Information was sent to all 1,000 of the participants, the day before, with a time and place to meet up away from the actual spot where the dinner would be eaten.  Once it was time, everyone followed their designated leader over to their spot to set up the picnic.

This time-lapse video shows an awesome perspective of just a section of the event (there was a whole second group of people to the right side of the cameras viewing area).

This was the meeting place for table D9. I got moved to this table at the last minute and I was very thankful for that because it just happened to be the same table Carol was at. Carol had been in contact with 2 other people from this table coordinating what everyone was bringing for a week before the event. Unfortunately, neither of them showed up on Sunday. Luckily, between Carol and I, we had a table, some stools, and enough food to feed the 4 of us there.

The view downstairs in the parking deck at Atlantic Station.

Carol and I passing the time with a little two buck chuck!

And a more parent appropriate picture. :)

Right at 7, we all headed to the escalators with 996 of our new best friends. Table D9 had a great spot on the lawn right outside Strip. Once we were there we set up our small card table, put down the black table cloth provided to us, and started pulling out food.

Carol brought this great peach cobbler...

... and this delicious pork roast! I hope she posts the recipe soon because it was seriously so good. The rub she put on it was sweet and bold, but not too much so.

Since I was at a bachelorette party on Saturday night, and hurting a little Sunday morning :), I decided to throw together this broccoli slaw in about 20 minutes. I made a little too much food, thinking this would be for 8 and not 4, so we ate left overs until Wednesday.

Some people put a lot of effort into their table design which I loved! I saw candelabras, clear lucite chairs, flowers, a cute frog vase and more.

In addition to eating our delicious food, I was definitely eyeing what people made at tables around us. This shrimp in a martini glass, top left picture, will have to be replicated next time I have a dinner party.

Since we were missing half our table we ended up joining these lovely ladies next to us. They were so much fun and were even sweet enough to share their food with us! And let me tell you... one of them can make a mean seasoned salmon.

Carol and her boyfriend :)

Steven and I! Oh, and you may notice bottles of wine on our table but no cups... Unfortunately, we forgot that little detail so the four of us just passed around the bottle all night. :)

I don't think I can say enough how fun Feast Noir was. I would really like to say thank you to Atlanta Underground Market for bringing such unique event to Atlanta and letting me be part of it. (Oh, and I should also say thanks to Steven for letting me drag him to something like this in the Atlanta heat on the first Sunday night of the school year. Love you!)

Have you been to any unique events in your town recently?

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  1. Ok- I'm going to pretend I don't look bald in those pre-feast pictures. I love how you made little mini collages for this post- what a cool thing to do! I am SO glad you got moved to our table too. And I can't wait for next year either!! Feast Noir forever!


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