Fall Fun!

October 5, 2011

This last weekend was so much fun! The weather is finally becoming cooler in Atlanta and I am hoping fall is here to stay!

The weekend started off with football, what else? :)  I was so happy to have Jenna, one of my best friends, come to Steven's football game with me Friday night! She came by after work, we grabbed some dinner at Tin Drum, then got a Starbucks and headed to the game.

On Saturday Jenna and I met up again for a little shopping (who doesn't love a retail workout?). Around 1 or 2 we took a break and headed to Taco Mac for some lunch and to watch part of the UGA game. Woohoo for the win! Go Dawgs!

Saturday night was a lot of fun. Steven and I had some friends over for what I dubbed a "football fiesta." We had a Mexican food themed potluck (pictures to come soon) and really just enjoyed one another's company.

One of the best parts of the night was reflecting on the timeline Steven created and sent out to our email party. It successfully outlined how the boys and girls would spend their Saturdays very differently. I have provided it here so you can enjoy it as much as we all did.

Steven's Saturday Schedule - click to enlarge

Sunday, Steven and I enjoyed the beautiful weather, some pumpkin beer and pumpkin carving... well, I watched and Steven carved! :)

The final product...

cell phone pumpkin pic

We had such a great weekend! I can't wait for more fall fun to continue over the next two months!


  1. Um, hilarious outline of boys v. girls Saturday. Love it! Can I come next time?!?

  2. its funny how true it actually is! Steven knows me too well! :)

    And yes, you are definitely invited next time! Lets plan something soon.

  3. HILARIOUS stevy boy. I think I'd be on the boys timeline though!!!


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