Atlanta Blogger Dinner - Tuk Tuk

November 19, 2011

Last Thursday I spent part of the evening meeting some other bloggers in Atlanta. I heard about the get-together from Carol and was excited to meet some other ladies in Atlanta with the same interests as me. Making new friends as an adult is always an interesting thing so I very much welcomed this opportunity.

I do have to say that I was a little nervous before I got to the restaurant, but it helped that Carol, who I have been friends with for almost 7 years now, and Kristy, who I met a few months ago at a running tour, were there too.

carol and me with michelle in college

The meet-up was at Tuk Tuk Thai Food Loft off Peachtree. I had never heard of this place before, but kudos to whoever picked it! Upon arrival I was informed that on Thursdays there are $5 signature cocktails, $5 Three Olive cocktails AND free appetizers. Tuk Tuk had my heart immediately when I realized a tasty mojito was included in this deal!

Tuk Tuk entrance

Right when you walk in Tuk Tuk you are met with... a tuk tuk! :) A tuk tuk is basically an auto rickshaw taxi. Of course once Carol and I saw this we recruited a security guard to take our pictures (after a few unsuccessful self portraits).

the actual tuk tuk

self portrait attempt (i swear we aren't possesed!)

much better! (notice the birthday boots!)

After pulling ourselves away from the fun photo-op, we hopped in the elevator and headed up to the 3rd floor where a very nice hostess met us. We were a little early so we headed to the bar to talk and grab a drink.

my yummy mojito... i had two! :)

The evening was spent getting to know new friends and not feeling embarrassed for taking pictures of our food! :) I will say that one of the funnier parts of the evening was realizing that everyone was just as interested in taking a picture of their food and drinks as I was (and not having any b/f's or husbands around to laugh or hide their faces... at least that is what Steven does most of the time).

okay, someone needs to teach me how to take pictures w/o red eyes!

Unfortunately, I was only able to shove my face with sample some appetizers before I had to take off. It was Steven's birthday (he had wrestling practice until 8) so I took off right after everyone ordered dinner. Before I left there was some talk about a white elephant party in December and I, for one, am definitely hoping this happens.

Stolen picture from Carol...
 from L around the table to the R...  AlaynaLauraKristy, StacyBrooke, Carol, Me, LeeTinaHeather and Heather (and Tracy who isn't in the picture)! 

It was great meeting everyone and hope we can get together again soon! Also, if you have a craving for Thai food or just want an awesome place to sit at the bar and feel sort of glamorous, head to Tuk Tuk. It had amazing service, food, drinks and you can't beat the atmosphere!

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