Food Blogger Cookie Exchange - Fall 2011

November 2, 2011

Have you heard about the gain 5 pounds from eating amazing treats Food Blogger Cookie Exchange? I heard about this from Carol and immediately signed up! Who could turn down the chance to bake cookies for strangers and get sweets in return?!

Basically, the first thing you do is sign up on either the Love and Olive Oil blog or The Little Kitchen blog. By November 21st you will be emailed the contact information for 3 different bloggers. Each person will bake and mail (yes, snail mail) each of their 3 bloggers a dozen cookies by December 5th and in return receive a dozen cookies from 3 other bloggers. (I am excited for the part where I get to meet 6 new bloggers!)

Then everyone blogs about their experience and their recipes on December 12th. There is a big link up and every reader will have the chance to see all the cookies made and their recipes.

Carol and I are planning on spending a night together baking for some girl time and also so we don't have cookies that go to waste (and by waste I mean go to my thighs). :)

I am looking forward to making new cookie recipes and trying out someone else's cookies!


  1. Or ten girl's nights! hahhah! YAY Cookie Swap!! I feel like I'm in Girl Scouts again....

  2. I am excited to try the cookies that were sent to me! I have been baking all weekend and can't wait for my recipients to get their cookies. I saw your post and thought I would come over and say hi!


  3. Hi Nettie! Thanks for stopping by! Have you received any cookies yet?


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