Hair Bun

February 24, 2012

There are two kinds of girls in the world... One kind has to have perfect hair and makeup before leaving the house and the other just works it out. I am securely in the second camp. Typically, I am running a few minutes late (which explains why my clocks are all 10 minutes fast) and this results in my hair getting thrown into a bun during multiple days of the week.

image from YellowHeartArt on Etsy

BTW, I found this print on Etsy and the artist YellowHeartArt has the cutest stuff! Check it out!

Back to my daily bun...

Since I wear a bun so often I was so excited when I found my first hair bun tool! My friend Jenna told me about these Goody Spin Pins and I got a set immediately. All you do is twist your hair into a bun and twist the pins in from opposite ends. They are great and save you from using a million bobby pins!


The other fun "tool" I got was one of these foam donut things. Mine came from a beauty supply store for $2.00 but it is just about the same as this one from Amazon.


All you do is put your hair in a pony tail, pull the donut through, spread your hair around the foam and pin around the sides. Super easy and took less than 3 minutes, but looks very polished. :)

my hair the other day :)

Do you have a favorite fun hair tool/accessory?

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