miniskirts VS mustaches #1

February 10, 2012

In case you couldn't tell, Steven is funny. (For evidence of this see the timeline he created here or his post about my birthday here.)

As part of my effort to not only exploit Steven as an editor (I can't spell to save my life so my posts would be a mess without him) I have also decided to solicit his smart-ass comments manly perspective/ commentary on different things.

I decided to call this "miniskirts VS mustaches", and you might see this once a month depending on what is going on. To kick this off we are focusing on Valentine's Day presents!

We never go over the top with Valentine's Day, and I know a lot of people think it's a commercialized, Hallmark holiday, but I don't think there is anything wrong with telling the people you care about that you love them and are thinking of them.

For the first miniskirt VS mustaches I am going to share a few things I think would be awesome gifts for the man in your life; then we will see what Steven has to say about them. :) This could get interesting...

Traci: I love doing things way more than giving thingsso the first idea is more of an experience. Idea #1 is an afternoon doing a Zip Line Canopy Tour at Lake Lanier Islands.

Steven: Wow. Cool….I guess… I feel like a 9-year-old getting a present from his grandparents rather than a twenty-something receiving a gift from his significant other. My initial reaction was: vaguely intrigued. After looking at the site for less than 5 minutes, it actually looks pretty sweet. You get to hit 10-30 zip lines depending on the package you purchase, and either way, you’re guaranteed to hear your man scream like an adolescent Catholic girl. Plus, he will get to feel manly by constantly complaining about how his package is smashed in the harness he has to wear (yes…they are always that uncomfortable). On top of that, he will get to “comfort” you as you face your “fear of heights” (all women have that…it makes them adorable). So not only does he have fun (assuming he isn’t deathly afraid of heights), but he also gets to comfort his damsel in distress. Doing something outdoorsy is usually a great way to go. Points all around! Potential for failure: 50%.

Traci: The next experience I thought of was wine tasting at a local wine store. (I've heard Wine Shoe is great if you are in Atlanta.)


Steven: Dude I love a Cab Sauv with my steaks and a Chardonnay with my lobster tails, so why do I need to taste other wines? Most men would much rather have a beer or liquor drink as opposed to some wine. Wine tasting is a 10 (on a scale of 10) when a man takes his wife/girlfriend out for a romantic evening…but for a gift for a man, not so much. A true fact about wine: most men can’t tell the difference in a $5 or $50 bottle of wine (unless you are like one of my buddies who had his own chef in Tuscany and wine classes for a week….now he is the douche that swirls and sniffs his wine). So tasting wine really isn’t that much fun unless you both get hammered together and make fun of the pomp and circumstance all around you. If you decide to go with wine tasting, you better get a good buzz with him and have pizzas delivered while you cab it home. That gives you a chance to get a little dressed up, him to steal your wine flights, and then cap it off with a good pizza. Potential for failure: 75%.

Traci: Another idea I like is getting a gift certificate for an old fashioned hot shave and haircut from Nadines Tripple Crown in the Highlands or another barbershop near your place.


Steven: This sounds awesome. I love the idea. My first memory of feeling like I was actually “growing up” was when my dad took me to his barber shop (which we frequented on the weekends) and he had me saddle up in one of the seats for a hot shave and haircut. I think I was 11 years old, still not even close to shaving, but I felt like one of the guys. Aside from that, I have had only 1 hot shave, and it was awesome…made me feel like Jay Gatsby. Down side to this gift: timing could be off depending on your status. Ask yourself how you would feel if your boyfriend/husband gave you a mani/pedi for Valentine’s Day. If that would be awesome/appropriate, then you’re good to go. But if you would Lorena Bobbitt his ass if he gave you a manicure gift card, then maybe this isn’t the best gift. Some sort of fancy suit accessory would be great with this: cuff links, collar stays, dress shoes, etc. Make him feel like [insert politician or businessman he likes]. Potential for failure: 25%.

Traci: A more "material" gift is Whiskey Stones. These are awesome little rocks that you freeze and put in wiskey, wine, soda... really anything you want to keep cold without watering it down. You can find these at many places. I saw these on Uncommon Goods.


Steven: The problem with this gift is that it immediately rules out some men: those who don’t drink liquor versus those who actually like to have fun. In my case: Nice! A thousand times NICE. This is the gift that keeps on giving. How do you give someone something that can be used every single time they fix up a whiskey on the rocks, or a whiskey and coke, or a whiskey on the rocks?! These rocks/stones are so cool because they serve the same purpose as ice but without watering down your drink. How can you argue against that? How can anyone say they don’t need that? Whiskey rocks can cost you anywhere from $20-100, so you can always make a good impression with this gift. Plus, this gift is like a Polo: you can use it almost any time in any setting. What’s not to love? Potential for failure: 5%.

Traci: One of the last "thing" ideas I had was a steak brand. I think this is so fun for a guy who likes to grill. You can get them personalized with initials or buy a different, premade image. Check out Steak Brands if you are interested.


Steven: Like the whiskey rocks, this gift also separates two very distinct classes of men: men who are vegans/vegetarians versus those guys who are real men. I jest (I don’t really knock the vegetarian/vegans because my friend is a vegan and has completed TWO Ironman races). The problem with this gift is that it screams “Father’s Day Gift” or, in my case, almost a “Groomsman gift.” I (luckily?) ended up giving my groomsmen a clay poker chip set. I will say, this is a cool gift, but not if you use your monogram. You HAVE to get it in the theme of their favorite team. Whether it be UGA or the Braves or even something cool like the Boston “B” or the New York Yankees “NY”. This is very cool, but like the shave, you can get them relatively cheap. So combine this with some good steaks from the grocery store or maybe a cool chef’s apron like “It’s good to find a hard cook” which I have seen before, or you can even make your own (again…be sure to include something sports or manly related). Think about necessary prerequisites: a grill. Potential for failure: 25%.

I hope you enjoyed this! Look for more mVm soon!

What is the best gift you have given or done with a loved one for Valentine's Day?


  1. Love this, such a great idea! And you have tons of awesome gift options for guys!

    1. thanks! one of the funny things about this is Steven and I will probably end up doing something low key this year! :)


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