Memorial Day 2012

May 29, 2012

I love long weekends! Going to work on a Tuesday (even though it is the Monday of that week) makes waiting until Friday more bearable.

Steven and I decided to spend the weekend in town so we could save some money and get to hang out with Stella Mae. (No, that is not one of our Grandma's. She is our new puppy that I mentioned here.)

Friday night Steven and I went to The Real Mandarin House for Chinese food. This place has the best fried pot-stickers, and who can complain about free wontons to snack on while you are waiting for your food? After dinner we just vegged at home and tried to watch The Debt. I say tried because we got through 30 minutes of it until we both lost interest and turned it off.

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Saturday we took advantage of one of the best free things to do in Atlanta over Memorial Day weekend and went to the Atlanta Jazz Festival. Steven and I met a friend of mine from work and bummed some space in their awesome tent so we didn't get sunburned. This was our second annual jazz festival, and it never disappoints. This is one of the few times you can openly have alcohol at Piedmont Park (as long as you don't have glass) which immediately increases the fun factor. :)

I didn't take many pictures, but I did snap one picture of Steven's "annual memorial day mustache for america" (don't ask), some interesting characters in downtown Atlanta, and I did steal a park picture from my friend.

After a few hours of hanging out Steven and I headed back OTP and went to Twisted Taco to munch on chips and salsa and tacos!

We kicked off Sunday morning with bagels at Goldbergs (we are now on a mission to find the best bagel in Atlanta) then ran by Target. I was supposed to be getting veggies and other snacks for our day at the pool with my cousin and some friends, but like most times I go to Target I got sucked in and left 1 hour later and $60 poorer. (I did get an awesome swimsuit for the pool though!)

Mossimo top - target
Xhilaration bottom - target

The weather was so nice on Sunday! It was a perfect day at the pool brought to a close with awesome bison steaks made by my cousin Kristie.

while hanging out at the pool I made the easiest sangria ever (equal parts merlot/red wine and orange fanta)!

Monday morning we went to J. Christopher's for brunch (wow, I am realizing we ate out a lot this weekend) before driving around to look at houses (one of my favorite pasttimes) and browsing the shelves of Barnes & Noble.

After that we spent the rest of the afternoon doing puzzles, snuggling with puppies and waiting patiently for the bachelorette to start!

We also took some time this weekend to remember all those men and women who serve our country and are the true meaning behind this long weekend and holiday.

original image Krossbow, Flickr

Hope your weekend was just as packed with family, friends, fun and remembering why we even get to celebrate this holiday at all!

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