Happy Friday

June 1, 2012

It's Friday!! woohoo! I am so excited for the weekend for a few reasons...

My parents are moving back to Georgia tomorrow (and staying with us for a few 10 days which should be interesting) and I leave for a work conference at the beach Sunday!!

Welcome back to the South Mom and Dad!
my dad in the red and my mom is the blonde next to him! (circa 1980)

Also, I decided that for the month of June I am completely getting off facebook... going cold turkey! ahh! The app is deleted off my phone and Steven even changed my password before deactivating so I can't try to sneak back in.

Here's to hoping for more time to read, cook, and craft!

Have a great weekend!


  1. a work conference at the beach sounds heavenly!

  2. Don't leave me again!!! I am still laughing that your parents are staying with you & Steven while you're gone for a conference. Come back so we can watch Bachelorette next week (and so we can gchat)! Miss you <3


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