Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps

June 26, 2012

Last night was Bachelorette Monday! That meant wine, friends, and great food. Since I was hosting last night, I was in charge of the main course. I decided to go with something veggie and get crazy by cooking tofu.


I have never cooked tofu before and was very intimidated, but since Carol (who is a tofu master in my mind) was going to be there I knew we would end up with something edible.

After looking for recipes this weekend I settled on The Pioneer Woman's Lettuce Wraps. I appreciate the fact that all her recipes include step-by-step directions, because it reduces the likelihood that I will screw up. :)

For the wraps I basically followed her recipe closely, except I threw in some finely diced water chestnuts. This was great because it added a little extra crunch.

I highly recommend this recipe and I think I am now a tofu convert!

In addition to the wraps, Jenna made these awesome mini caprese salads on water crackers.

Carol brought one of our favorite salads, the pear gorgonzola...

And along with this mountain of bread/carbs, Katie brought jalapeno-cilantro hummus. (yum!)

We can't forget the obligatory picture of Stella hanging out for girls night.

please note my death grip on the wine glass
Now all I can think about is how excited I am for next Monday and more tofu recipes at home! (Steven, you better start liking tofu fast!)


  1. Your first tofu experience - uh oh, you're gonna be hooked! :) Sounds like a great night with friends!

    1. it was a fun time! the bachelorette may be trash tv but it is a fun excuse to have a standing girls night :)

  2. So yummy!! I still can't believe he didn't like it!! "It tastes like meat flavored marshmallows" hahaha

    1. haha that probably would have been my description too if i didn't fall in like with it too!


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