ATC Singleton 10 miler

September 25, 2012

Happy Tuesday! In honor of posting for the first time in over a month I thought I would do a mix of AthHalf training update and a race recap. :)

hebrews 12:1 has been on my mind recently

As far as training - I have been doing okay on my weekday runs (skipping a few here and there) and have been rocking out my long runs. Also, since Stella is now getting older I have been taking her on shorter 2ish mile runs. We have been using the Ruffwear Roamer Leash and we both love it.

In the last few weeks I did an 10k race, a 9 mile run and last Saturday I ran the Atlanta Track Club Singleton 10 miler! To be honest, I woke up on Saturday morning not feeling ready for this race, or excited. This was partly to do with my lack of weekday training and partly to do with me waking up at 4am on Friday to stand in line for the iphone5. (I know, I'm a crazy person.) Basically, I was tired and unprepared. However, I knew I needed to get my long run in somehow and figured doing a race would be better than dragging my butt out of bed to do it alone.

Steven (the best husband ever) also got up at 6am with me and come to cheer me on. Since this was one of ATC "low key" events, there were no t-shirts and it was free for ATC members! woohoo! The check-in tables were manned by great volunteers and I grabbed my number in minutes.

The race itself was two five mile loops, something I have mixed feelings on. On one hand I get bored seeing the same thing twice, but on the other hand I know exactly what to expect for the second half of the race. I know when the hills are coming and were all the water stations are.

so excited to start lap two

One interesting that that happened during this was me making a friend! (There she is in the hat behind me!) Another racer was running the same pace as me and we basically kept each other company for the last 7 miles of the race. We talked about work, our husbands, and the half marathons we were each training for. I've talked to people in races before but never for this long. I really enjoyed getting to know someone new and having something to keep my mind off what I was doing.

I was so happy when I finished and was thrilled with my unexpected 1:39:09 time!

After the race Steven and I grabbed some breakfast went home so I could ice my knee. I must have tweaked it somehow because it was killing me!

We enjoyed the rest of the weekend by making a trip up to Athens for the UGA game with some friends and running errands on Sunday.

Overall, it was a great weekend, good race, and I am still looking forward to the AthHalf as much now as I was a few months ago.


  1. That's a great time! Congrats.

    1. thanks! it was nice to go in with no time expectations or goals and just run what felt good. :)

  2. Awesome race!!! And then you got to go to Athens for UGA football?! Sounds like an amazing Saturday - congratulations!

    1. thanks! :) it was a fun weekend... including the nap I took on Saturday and left out of my recap above! ;)

  3. Nice job on the race tra!! and I'm glad Stella can finally run a little farther with you- that's awesome! I was sad I missed this race but I guess a 10m run along the Thames in London wasn't a shabby replacement hehe


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