Uptown Rhodes 5k

June 27, 2012

I've done it again... What? Signed up for another race!

The race is the Uptown Rhodes 5k through Atlanta. Carol told me about it today and how to save $10 on registration! (All you have to do is purchase your spot through Active.com's Schwaggle deals.)

I am pumped for this race because it is dog friendly! woohoo! That means I can try to wrangle run with Stella for this race. I'm sure it will end up as more of a walk, but either way it will be fun!

You can read more about the race here or sign up on Active.com here (but make sure you go buy the deal first to get the discount!)

Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps

June 26, 2012

Last night was Bachelorette Monday! That meant wine, friends, and great food. Since I was hosting last night, I was in charge of the main course. I decided to go with something veggie and get crazy by cooking tofu.


I have never cooked tofu before and was very intimidated, but since Carol (who is a tofu master in my mind) was going to be there I knew we would end up with something edible.

After looking for recipes this weekend I settled on The Pioneer Woman's Lettuce Wraps. I appreciate the fact that all her recipes include step-by-step directions, because it reduces the likelihood that I will screw up. :)

For the wraps I basically followed her recipe closely, except I threw in some finely diced water chestnuts. This was great because it added a little extra crunch.

I highly recommend this recipe and I think I am now a tofu convert!

In addition to the wraps, Jenna made these awesome mini caprese salads on water crackers.

Carol brought one of our favorite salads, the pear gorgonzola...

And along with this mountain of bread/carbs, Katie brought jalapeno-cilantro hummus. (yum!)

We can't forget the obligatory picture of Stella hanging out for girls night.

please note my death grip on the wine glass
Now all I can think about is how excited I am for next Monday and more tofu recipes at home! (Steven, you better start liking tofu fast!)

Weekend in Pictures

June 25, 2012

my weekend in pictures... and some words... and one video... :)

best bbq in georgia...

state farmers market! cant beat fresh veggies...

my first nuun purchase... 

stella the-tight-rope-walking dog...

crazy vanity plates... 

awesome dog park visits (go to newtown dog park if you live in atlanta)...

and sunday funday!

Hope you had a great weekend! The best part of Monday is yet to come... Bachelorette girls night and new recipes! :)

Happy Friday

June 1, 2012

It's Friday!! woohoo! I am so excited for the weekend for a few reasons...

My parents are moving back to Georgia tomorrow (and staying with us for a few 10 days which should be interesting) and I leave for a work conference at the beach Sunday!!

Welcome back to the South Mom and Dad!
my dad in the red and my mom is the blonde next to him! (circa 1980)

Also, I decided that for the month of June I am completely getting off facebook... going cold turkey! ahh! The app is deleted off my phone and Steven even changed my password before deactivating so I can't try to sneak back in.

Here's to hoping for more time to read, cook, and craft!

Have a great weekend!

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